Trying my best to keep the scenery in Tibet tour

The fierce excitement began at the moment that our car drove on the sky road. I had no means to control my feeling but to appreciate the scenery and took photos endlessly. Several photos later, my excited mood paused in a second. I was shocked by the unique mountain. From a striking board, I get the name, Yaduizhala.5

The height of Yaduizhala Mountain is 5025 meters. It is actually not renowned in the crowd of mountains in Tibet however it would be the main way of the Shannan area to the Sino-India border. Yaduizhala Mountain was also the birth place of Yalong River together with yalaxiangbu Snow Mountain. Looking at Yaduizhala Mountain in distance, it appeared like a sharp sword which defended the district of Yalong. The momentum was fairly grand.

car carried on driving swiftly. The state of the roads was so beneficial and cars had been so few. We were fairly comfortable in this Tibet tour. The main reason is because the Tibetan driver was so experienced that he drove incredibly steady. He would drive speedily when it is necessary, and slowly drove when we are interested in absorbed in the scenery. There seemed to be Xiangjiala Mountain soon after we entered in Cuona County.

The Xiangjiala Mountain was not
pretty high with 4700meters height above sea level; however it was covered with snow that liked silvery dress watching so lovely. In the Tibet tour packages, Xiangjiala Mountain is the initially snow mountain that had no legend. I had checked for a lengthy time and I haven’t notice some stories about it. Despite the fact that it hadn’t old story, there was a distinctive lake on its foot named Nariyongcuo. But this moment I can’t describe this lake for we had little time to keep here. We should rush to county to have something. I like the first day’s scenery very much. The following days I visited some places that related to Tibetan civilization and culture.


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