The most important destination of Tibet tour

The most important scenery spot of Tibet tour was in this day’s agenda. It was the Nanjiabawa Peak. It was the fifteenth highest peak of the world. It was also regarded as the most beautiful peak of China. The height above sea level was 7782meters. In Tibetan language, the meaning of Nanjiabawa was the spear which scraped into sky. It had never showed its real appearance easily. There was covered with snow all the year. Besides, it always surrounded by the clouds and fog. If you wanted to watch the real looking, you would need the good climate together with the best location. You could see the peak clearly when it was not covered with the clouds and fog as well as you stood at a best location. What’s a pity; it was foggy in this morning.

The most important destination of Tibet tour

The most important destination of Tibet tour

Driving along the road, our mood became more and more depressed because the fog was thicker and thicker. We would lose the best opportunity to view the most beautiful peak, if the fog didn’t disperse.The most important destination of Tibet tour

The visibility was worse and worse. The fog was floating on the water face. It was as soft as a thin veil that the sky dressed the mountain group. But the sky in the distance was still very blue. Could it be the fairyland of the human world? There the driver stopped the car in order to make us enjoy the feeling of being immortals. Standing straightly among the mountains, looking at the world, it was dim that not only the mountain and water but also you and me. Probably we were the immortals who fell down into the human world. After 500-year training, we came to human world only for gaining this moment.The most important destination of Tibet tour

Returned to human world, we continued our journey. It seemed that the God was moved by our insistence. The sun jumped from the clouds and the fog was dispersed completely. There was only the purely blue sky. Hah, hah! We had viewed Nanjiabawa peak in this Tibet tour.The most important destination of <a href=tibet tours” />

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