Sea buckthorn of thousand-year history

11There were two thousand mu of ancient sea buckthorn forests in the Niangmujiang river valley. This forests was had stayed for more than a thousand years. The sea buckthorn forests in Quzhuomu town were able to be called as the largest sea buckthorn forests in China e even in the Asia. It belonged to wild Salix leaves sea buckthorn forests. The natives called it as Laxin. It means the soul trees in Tibetan language. The trees that possessed thousand-year history really owned intelligence. According to biology opinion, they were the thousand-year living fossils. I checked on the internet before my Tibet tour. On Tibet plateau in height of more than 4000m above the sea level, any kind of trees could live under the tough condition in spite of the moss and grass. They were far from Tibetan for the cold wind and snow. But the sea buckthorn hadn’t afraid of these situations; they grew into the great trees for more than one thousand years. Their twist trucks proved the hardworking made to adapt to the plateau surroundings.3

Along the road, there were two trees growing together. Their roots combined with each other as closely as husband and wife. They insisted their relation regardless all the wicked conditions. The tour pals called them as husband and wife tree.2

I felt uncomfortable after finishing taking photos of the forests. I was trembling and my feet became more and more heavy. I returned to the bus immediately to relax and have some water. The thousand-year forests were greater than the any other kind of trees on the mountain. It was so strong that it was regarded as the philosophy book. It was the best commons of the development of Tibetan nationality even the China.4

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